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        • abrdn logo

          Global investment company…and it's pronounced 'Aberdeen'

        • AJ Bell logo
          AJ Bell

          A leading UK investment platform and the company that brings you Dodl!

        • Barclays logo

          A British banking institution and long-standing partner of the Premier League

        • Berkshire Hathaway logo
          Berkshire Hathaway

          Warren Buffett's multinational company of companies

        • HSBC logo

          One of the largest banks (and companies) in the world

        • Legal & General logo
          Legal & General

          L&G for short, it's a global financial company all about investments and insurance

        • Liontrust logo

          UK-based fund manager offering a wide range of investments to customers across the globe

        • Lloyds logo
          Lloyds Banking Group

          Traditional British bank whose favourite film is probably Black Beauty

        • M&G logo

          A world leading savings and investments company

        • Natwest logo

          Short for National Westminster, and one of the biggest banks here in the UK

        • PayPal logo

          An original 'fintech' and major player in the digital payment scene

        • Plus500 logo

          A global fintech offering trading in contracts for difference

        • Prudential logo

          A leading insurance company across Asia and Africa

        • JPMorgan shares

          Biggest US bank, better known as Chase over here

            • Alphabet logo

              The tech giant behind Google, DeepMind and Android

            • Amazon logo

              From bookshop to Big Tech, saving the day with same-day delivery

            • AMD logo

              One of the world's leading computer chip manufacturers

            • Aston Martin logo
              Aston Martin

              Luxury car manufacturer and favoured mode of transport for MI6's famous secret agent

            • Crowdstrike logo

              Cybersecurity provider protecting thousands of companies worldwide

            • Intel logo

              Its five-note 'bing' is living in our heads rent-free

            • Meta logo

              Parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

            • Microsoft logo

              Windows, Office, Surface, Xbox…the gang's all here

            • Nvidia logo

              Tech company leading the way in artificial intelligence and computer graphics

            • Qualcomm logo

              Huge name in wireless connectivity and chip technology

            • Rolls-Royce logo

              Designs and builds the engines for some of the most impressive machines out there

            • Salesforce logo

              World-leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software

            • Tesla logo

              Powerhouse provider of electric cars, clean energy and batteries

            • Apple logo

              Tech superstar that encouraged us to "think different"

            • EA shares

              ...It's in the game! Creator of some of the biggest video games out there

            • DraftKings shares

              Digital sports betting and fantasy sports contests company

                • GSK logo

                  One of the world's largest pharmaceutical and vaccine providers

                • Oxford Biomedica logo
                  Oxford Biomedica

                  Biopharmaceutical company pioneering gene and cell therapies

                • Pfizer logo

                  New York-based pharmaceutical and biotech company

                • Smith + Nephew logo
                  Smith + Nephew

                  Uses innovative technologies to advance medical treatments

                • Johnson & Johnson shares
                  Johnson & Johnson

                  From baby powder to biotech, it's the complete healthcare company

                    • BT logo

                      Famed for its wifi, London tower and excellent hold music

                    • Disney logo

                      You can visit the land in Paris and the whole world in Florida

                    • Netflix logo

                      World-leading streaming service, with its own production company

                    • Royal Mail logo
                      International Distributions Services

                      Kindly collects and delivers your post, across the UK and beyond

                    • Vodafone logo

                      Major player in connecting people to... other people

                    • WPP logo

                      The world's largest advertising company, based in London

                    • DS Smith shares
                      DS Smith

                      Where cardboard boxes are born and where they go to… become new cardboard boxes

                        • United Utilities logo
                          United Utilities

                          The UK's largest water company, keeping the taps running in the North West

                        • BP logo

                          The UK's second largest oil and gas company - coming to a green petrol station near you

                        • National Grid logo
                          National Grid

                          A major UK utility provider, keeping our homes warm and well lit

                        • Shell logo

                          The UK's largest oil and gas company - coming to a yellow petrol station near you

                        • SSE logo

                          One of the UK's largest energy suppliers, starting life in the Scottish Highlands

                            • Airbnb logo

                              Online holiday rental marketplace, and enemy of the hotel industry

                            • easyJet logo

                              Low-cost, no-frills airline group based in sunny Luton

                            • IAG logo

                              The Spanish and the Brits came together to form this major international airline group

                                • Tesco logo

                                  The UK's leading supermarket available in a range of sizes: Extra, Express and Metro

                                • Unilever logo

                                  One company for hundreds of global food and personal care brands

                                • Just Eat logo
                                  Just Eat

                                  Specialists in hangover cures and Friday nights in

                                • P&G shares

                                  World leader in kitchen and bathroom cabinet products

                                • Associated British Foods logo

                                  What do Primark and Twinings have in common? They're owned by this big British company

                                • Walmart shares

                                  Kind of like the Tesco of the US, only bigger

                                • b&m logo

                                  Discount food & home store, at an out-of-town retail park near you

                                • Nike shares

                                  Its 'just do it' slogan is so famous it's trademarked

                                • Coca-Cola logo

                                  Consistently the most recognised drinks brand in the world

                                • Whitbread shares

                                  Owner of Premier Inns and Beefeaters up and down the country

                                • Costco logo

                                  Multinational wholesaler, selling toilet roll by the mile

                                • Etsy logo

                                  Online marketplace for all your vintage and handmade desires

                                • Greggs logo

                                  Bringer of the ever-popular vegan sausage roll and on-the-go lunches

                                • McDonald's logo

                                  The world's leading fast food restaurant, serving up in over 100 countries

                                • Marks & Spencer logo

                                  A British institution and purveyor of Percy pigs, among other luxury goods

                                • Next logo

                                  What's next? A high street fashion staple who've made it online too

                                • Ocado logo

                                  Cutting down time spent in supermarkets since the year 2000

                                • Sainsbury's logo

                                  The UK’s second-largest supermarket and original owner of escapee orange shopping trollies

                                • Starbucks logo

                                  World's number 1 coffee brand and creator of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

                                    • Centamin logo

                                      This company's in the business of finding literal goldmines

                                    • Fresnillo logo

                                      Taking metal detecting to the next level

                                    • Glencore logo

                                      This company deals in the raw materials of industry: metals, minerals and energy

                                    • Tullow Oil logo
                                      Tullow Oil

                                      Founded in the small Irish town of Tullow, this company searches for sources of energy

                                    • Rio Tinto shares
                                      Rio Tinto

                                      One of the world's biggest mining and metals companies

                                        • Hammerson shares

                                          Owner of some of the largest shopping centres in the UK, Ireland and France

                                        • Persimmon shares

                                          Builds thousands of new homes every year, all across the country

                                        • Barratt Developments logo
                                          Barratt Developments

                                          The UK's leading homebuilder - it might've built yours!

                                        • British Land logo
                                          British Land

                                          This company owns, manages and develops A LOT of properties across the UK

                                        • Rightmove logo

                                          The first place you'll probably check when you're planning your next move

                                        • Taylor Wimpey logo
                                          Taylor Wimpey

                                          A British homebuilding behemoth

                                      Remember investing carries risk – investments can fall and rise in value and you could get back less than you put in. Make sure you read all the investment details in the app and understand its charges before you place your order.

                                      How do you invest in shares?

                                      You can do it in 3 simple steps.

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                                      2. Add cash

                                        Begin by adding as little as £100, or set up a monthly direct debit from £25

                                      3. Start investing

                                        Choose the shares you want, check you're happy with the details then get investing!


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                                      Important to know

                                      You have to be a UK citizen and resident to open an account with Dodl. 

                                      The past performance of investments isn't an indicator of their future performance and their value can go down as well as up. This means you could get back less than you originally invested. 

                                      Dodl doesn’t offer any advice so if you’re not sure about the risks involved with investing, you should speak to a suitable financial adviser. 

                                      How you're taxed depends on your circumstances, and tax rules can change in future.