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Before you transfer, check you won't lose out by doing so. And remember, investing carries risk - investments can fall and rise in value, and you could get back less than you put in.

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What are transfers?

Gone are the days when you'd choose a provider and stick with them through thick and thin, just to avoid the pain and price of moving somewhere else.

Your savings and investments are your future, so it's vital you keep them somewhere that works best for you.

Transferring your accounts - be it an ISA, lifetime ISA, pension or general investment account - is now easier than ever and can give you greater control over your financial future.


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What can you transfer to Dodl?

Most ISAs, lifetime ISAs, pensions and general investment accounts can be transferred to Dodl. Click on the account you want to transfer to find out some important points about moving it to Dodl.

Cash ISA

You can transfer your cash ISA into either the Dodl investment ISA or the investment lifetime ISA. 

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Help to buy ISA

You can transfer your help to buy ISA into the Dodl investment lifetime ISA. 

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You can transfer most UK pensions into the Dodl pension. 

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Stocks & shares ISA

You can transfer your stocks and shares ISA into the Dodl investment ISA.  

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Lifetime ISA

You can transfer your cash LISA or stocks and shares LISA into the Dodl investment LISA. 

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General investment account

You can transfer your general investment account (GIA) or dealing account into the Dodl GIA. 

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If you’re not sure about transferring your pension (or any other account) to Dodl, make sure you speak to a suitable financial adviser about this before making your decision.

Why transfer to Dodl?

You can transfer an account to Dodl quickly and easily - but why should you transfer?

Go for cost

Dodl is one of the lowest cost investment apps around, with no hidden fees - just a simple all-in account charge of 0.15% a year.

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Go for convenience

Your no-nonsense, easy-to-use investment app with a straightforward range of investments and account options.

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Go for ease

Transferring to Dodl is free and easy. Simply submit your transfer details in the app, then leave the hard work to us.

Start your transfer

How transfers work

You can start your transfer in 3 simple and speedy (and free!) steps.

    1. Download the app and get your Dodl account open (if you haven't already!)
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    1. Hit transfer an account on your dashboard to get it started
    Preview of app showing how to start a transfer
    1. Fill in your transfer details in minutes, then leave the rest to us
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    What happens next?

    Then you'll hand the reins over to the safe and experienced hands of the transfer team at Dodl, who'll finish up what you started, chatting to your existing provider to arrange for everything to be moved over to your Dodl account.

    The time it takes to transfer an account varies, but here's Dodl's rough guide to transfer timings.

    Type of transfer Time taken
    Cash only 2-4 weeks (up to 6 if your existing provider needs a paper form)
    Cash and investments 6-8 weeks

    Feeling ready to make the switch? Download the app to get your transfer started.

    Start your transfer today

    Learn a little more

    If transferring to Dodl sounds pretty great but you'd just like to know a little more before making your move, head over to the Dodl blog where you can read up on how transfers work. Find out about some checks to make before you start a transfer and all the finer details on what transferring to Dodl looks like.

    Go to the blog

    Help’s on hand

    Head to the help centre to have all your questions answered. And you can chat to Team Dodl anytime in the app or at

    Get a little help

    You can always learn more before (and after) taking your first investing steps with Dodl. Pop the kettle on, get comfortable and head to the Dodl learn tab, where you can master the basics of investing.

    Get started today

    It's important to know

    You have to be a UK resident for tax purposes to open an account with Dodl.

    The past performance of investments isn't an indicator of their future performance and their value can go down as well as up. This means you could get back less than you originally invested. 

    Dodl doesn’t offer any advice so if you’re not sure about the risks involved with investing, you should speak to a suitable financial adviser. 

    How you're taxed depends on your circumstances, and tax rules can change in future.